Discover our range of versatile laminating machines, easy and quick to prepare, minimal maintenance, with high-quality electrical components, and CE safety regulations adaptations.

MXL 160 D

Fully automatic laminator 120×160 cm (47’x62′) format.

Laminating is a type of finishing process used in offset or digitally printed products. It gets its name from the material used, a thin 0.012 ~ 0.020mm layer of polypropylene (can be matte or gloss) on the already printed material, giving a unique finish while protecting the paper and printing.

Matte laminate absorbs reflections and gives opaque effect to your work with a soft-touch texture. This type of finish is usually chosen for aesthetic reasons, as it has a different and highly elegant appearance. In addition to its contribution to the durability of the work, the traces are not marked on it, achieving a finished product of great superior quality. The laminate is very similar to UV varnishing and has the same advantages that apply in the same way to matte laminate.
Both types of finish offer a high level of quality, great resistance to rubbing and / or friction, good resistance to water, grease, and dirt while offering greater protection and durability for your prints.

(BOPP) / oriented biaxial polypropylene film: the most used for its impermeability, heat resistance, humidity, good transparency, non-toxic. Polypropylene (PP) Film : mainly used for packaging, book covers, etc. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Film: Low cost, contaminates, not suitable for food packaging. Polyester (PET) film: generally with polyethylene, polypropylene and aluminum foil made of material, used in packaging. Acetate (CA) membrane: can be made of composite material, the compound prints more vivid colors, used in food packaging.

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