Environmental Protection

Environmental policy

We strive every day to carry out good management and conservation of resources, whatever their origin, paying special attention to natural resources.

We focus on meeting the needs of our customers at the environmental level , offering at all times a commitment of maximum responsibility in the set of all our activities.

To achieve these purposes, we pay special attention to:

  • Treat customer demands in a personalized way, offering alternatives and solutions to their needs, prioritizing those that favor the reduction of energy consumption.
  • Comply at all times with applicable environmental legal requirements as well as current regulations in our sector both at European and international level.
  • Design processes that reduce environmental impact and evaluate in advance the environmental impact of new activities or services .
  • Minimize the consumption of natural resources, polluting emissions and the production of waste, as well how to prevent accidental emissions of substances or energy.
  • Disseminate at all levels of our internal and external structure, the objectives and criteria of the Environment established.
  • Transmit our environment policy to all people who work for or on behalf of the organization and to our main suppliers.
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