Corrugated cardboard provides rigidity to the packaging, ensuring the integrity and protection of its contents.

Discover a range of highly competitive equipment adapted to the needs of packaging manufacturers in the corrugated industry.

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard designed to make boxes to transport objects. It consists of several layers of smooth and corrugated paper that, combined with each other and with the different waves, give rise to the different qualities of cardboard. In particular, the quality of a corrugated cardboard box depends on the combination of 3 factors:

The combination of the following papers creates the corrugated cardboard and this is defined according to the thickness of the cardboard and the number of channels it contains.

BICOLOR ( TL3 ) = Manufactured paper 100% with recycled fiber and other additives. Grammages from 100 to 130 grm / m 2 in the white finish option, the grammages range from 120 to 160 grm / m 2

TEST (TL2) = Paper made from 100% recycled fiber, in Based on the BICOLOR formulation, unlike the bicolor, the fiber is longer to improve resistance. It has a small layer of glue on one side in order to protect from moisture. Grammages for low part from 100 to 130 grm / m 2 for high part from 130 to 200 grm / m 2. , in the option of white finish the grammages go from 125 to 170 grm / m 2

KRAFT = Paper made from a larger amount of virgin pulp and a small percentage of recycled fiber. The approximate percentage is 80% virgin pasta and 20% recycled. Grammages for low part from 100 to 130 grm / m 2 for high part from 130 to 180 grm / m 2. Special qualities from 180 to 400 grm / m 2 , in the option white finish, the weights range from 125 to 170 grm / m 2

FLUTTING = Paper made from 100% recycled fiber used for corrugated. Grammages from 80 to 140 grm / m 2

FLUTING SEMIQUÍMICO = Paper made from recycled pulp and chemicals, Grammages from 100 to 200 grm / m 2 .

Range of Equipment for corrugated cardboard

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