Why Vilarnau?

Equip yourself with a service guarantee


At Vilarnaucart we are involved in your project from the beginning, working together in the design, creation and commissioning of your machines. And you will have our technical service anytime, anywhere you need it.


Vilarnaucart's commitment to quality is based on excellence in service adapted to the needs of our clients. We offer a comprehensive service that helps optimize the production process, where the quality of our clients' finished product is our absolute priority, guaranteeing reliable, accurate and competitive equipment.


All our machines are designed with the same concept: fast and reliable equipment built with durable and highly resistant components, with minimum adjustment and response times, which contribute to improving the overall efficiency of the customer's production line and, therefore, to comply with production plans; A simple and compact design that requires minimal training and allows free access to major components to reduce downtime and minimize maintenance needs.


We are aware of the importance of your production lines with optimal production levels. For this reason, we offer a complete range of services that guarantee a quick response to possible unforeseen events.


Ethics, integrity, and respect, motivation, austerity, empathy, simplicity, innovation, competitiveness and transparency, are some of the values ​​that we apply in our day-to-day with our staff, with our clients and with our suppliers, to achieve long-term relationships term.

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