Packaging and finishing


Discover a range of machines for finished graphics and packaging.


Carton erecting machines for the formation of boxes and manufacturing cardboard trays


Machine for gluing pp, pet and pvc windows.


Máquina para el pegado de ventanas con hendido de pp, pet, y pvc. 

There are occasions when it is necessary for the product to be visible inside the package, either for functional reasons (for example, that the product does not come into contact with the cardboard) or / and for aesthetic reasons (so that the product is visible directly). The windows in the cases or packs are used mainly in cosmetic products, baby clothes, toys, pastry etc … As a general rule, the materials used for the realization of these windows are usually the PET And the PVC . These windows can be cleft or without crease (corner) and are classified according to their stiffness, which is given by the microns they possess. The greater the number of microns, the stiffer the window will be, giving rise to what is also known as a window gauge.

The window patching, is done with a window glue after having punched the boxes, leaving the area ejected where the window will go, and before gumming.

  • Die cut boxes are placed with print facing down in the introducer.
  • The adhesive pattern is glued on the cardboard sheet or sheet.
  • The film reel is unwound and cut to the desired length
  • The resulting window piece is transported to the absorption roller.
  • At just the right moment, the roller compresses the window on the cardboard as it passes under the cylinder.

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