Flatbed die cutters

Q-Strip – Carton stripper.

The Q-Strip is a compact and lightweight machine that allows the operator to remove excess waste from die cut stacks as efficiently as possible.

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The Quickstrip is a pneumatic-powered chain waste stripping machine that allows separating the waste of stacks of compact, micro and corrugated cardboard, once they have been die-cutted


  • Easy handling thanks to its pneumatic system of simple design so that the operator removes the scrap in a fast and precise way.
  • Accustrip® system that avoids damaging the material, guaranteeing a perfect delivery for gluing-gluing
  • High profitability and quickly amortizable, since it allows to eliminate bottlenecks reducing the time of trashing by 85%.
  • Maximum safety with double handle system and security lock for a totally safe operation. Easy to use.
  • Maximum quality in main parts such as chain and motor for maximum durability and utility in any type of material.
  • Guaranteed assistance. Availability of spare parts and local technical repair service. Availability of replacement machines to avoid unwanted production stoppages.


Cardboard, compact cardboard, microchannel, corrugated cardboard, etc.

Fuerza Motor4.500 RPM
Presión de aire6.3 bar (90 psi)
Consumo12 CFM
Peso4 KG
Margen mínimo de retalCartoncillo ≥8.5 mm ndulado ≥ 20 mm.

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